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Germany with LEGO bricks

Recent events have celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall (25th anniversary) and the following unification of West and East Germany. Especially the divided capital Berlin has been exemplary for the division between east and west, and was a central scene during the Cold War. Symbolically important was – and still is – the Brandenburg Gate in the centre of Berlin. Find a imitation of the gate and a political map of the Federal Republic of Germany with simple LEGO bricks.


Update: New Gallery

Dear visitors & friends! I have established a new category (ā€žSeriesā€). Here you will find works that are related to each other/which have a common theme. Stand-alone creations will still be categorized according to their size (“XS, S, M, L“). Check it out!Update!

Stating the obvious…

Hi, folks! I’m back from vacation and highly motivated to post on a regular basis again. I can’t emphasize enough how brilliant the concept of LEGO is. And how satisfying it is to see own ideas turning into “real” figures and creations:-) So without further ado let me make a confession and state the obvious:I love LEGO


Today we’re meeting new and old fellows! Attentive visitors might have recognized Gorilla the conqueror, the giraffe, and Monki with his banana. In addition, we’re introducing the elephant and the safari tree, as well as Le(g)o, the lion. Their most known habitat in real life is the Serengeti, a region in Central Africa, and well known for its interesting and diverse flora and fauna.

Coffee break! Or tea time? Maybe a hot chocolate…

Viennese coffee houses celebrate the act of coffee drinking, British have cultivated their tea-time inspired by indian culture. And in the colonial age the Spanish elite enjoyed long cocoa drinking sessions. But what do you prefer? Coffee or tea? Or even a cup of cocoa? In any case, you’ll find a tea service and a coffee mug (and both might also be suitable for cocoa!)

Tea set

Cup of coffee

Gorilla the conqueror!

Ah, gorilla the conqueror,Ā  the granddaddy of them all! (The Simpsons fans among us might recognize him) I hope you like him, and don’t spurn him just because he’s different;)

Gorilla the conqueror

Fruit series

One of my recent posts – the water melon – inspired me to create some other fruit. And especially one fellow is very glad about a special fruit:

LEGO bottleĀ²

I’m proud to present my latest creation and a remake of my first “real” LEGO bottle (bottom page category S). This time, the bottle is true to scale but in orange (this color doesn’t exist among the LEGO drinking bottles). Additionally, I have engraved “L-E-G-O” with dark green bricks.

LEGO bottleĀ²

In the summertime…

Take a piece of a cool, juicy water melon!

Water melon

Juicy water melon with black seeds